Hackathons made easier and faster

Features for organizers

Manage users

Create open hackathons or invite participants to your closed events.

Manage infrastructure

Forget setting up your infrastructure and providing credentials one by one.

Control your hackathon

Monitor your events, the resources being used, and decide when to free them.

Evaluate results

You can use our evaluation panel to see participants results and to score them.

Features for participants

Participante without limits

Join free hackathons or get invited to coming events.

Free to use

For hackathon participants, hackathon manager platform is totally free of charge.

Access to the infrastructure

You will get your infratructure credentials with a single click, forget complex instructions.

Submit your results

You will be able to submit your results to the hackathon manager, so they will be evaluated by managers.

How it works

Hackathon manager is a tool that makes life easier to organizers and participants for events in which infrastructure usage is needed.

As an organizer, you will be able to create a new event in a few minutes, just specifying the minimum details. For participants infrastructure, you will have to specify your infrastructure provider credentials and some minor details about how many resources you want to provide to each event participant. You don't have to worry about anything else. Each time a new participant joins your events, his infrastructure will be automatically deployed and he will be able to download his credentials to access.

As a participant, you will be able to request participation to open events, and you will get directly invited by managers to closed events. To access your assigned infrastructure, you don't have to worry about complex instructions, you only need to download the credentials from the hackathon screen and start using it.